Monica Mize is an entrepreneur, designer and just all around creative and expressive individual. She grew up with independence and understanding that if you have a God-given gift don’t sit on it but find ways to use it to the best of your ability. Creativity has always been one of those gifts for her. At a young age, she found herself purchasing notebooks and pens because she had the desire to write before she sometimes knew how or what to write. She would use up all her mom’s paint and other art materials on her room furniture and clothing. Her mom recognized her creative gifts and was one who encouraged her to grow in them. Over the past five years, Monica has launched her design business and is also a manager of a virtual call center business. As a designer, she initially started her line of designer and customizable products. The idea that she could entirely make something her own and wear it or use it as home decor has always been a thrill behind the scenes of her creative process and she encourages her customers to tap into their creativity for something custom and unique. Over time Monica has branched out as a graphics designer, brander and sometimes even a business coach for small business owners and creative individuals seeking to grow and enhance their brands. She’s not one to shy away from trying new things and taking on new adventures in the entrepreneur field.

The Work From Home Life call center is a business owned/managed by Monica. With Fortune 500 companies looking to outsource their need for customer service representatives to virtual agents Monica saw this as an excellent opportunity to help others find sustainable employment and encourage a flexible working balance. Visit The Work From Home Life’s website for more information and to apply.

With other goals and business ventures underway, Monica is not slowing down and knows she has much work to do. Throughout this website, you’ll find more information on Monica’s businesses, projects and products. Also be sure to drop back by and check out her latest blog posts where she writes on many topics including those meant to uplift and encourage.